Hello Everyone!

After all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I decided to make a cork craft for myself. Today I finished my very first wine cork wreath! It looks awesome, and I am very proud of my accomplishment.

The Process:
I started the wreath with a styrofoam circle base. Using toothpicks, I placed probably about 100 corks! I also added a few bundles of grapes to add more dimension to the wreath.

Although I made the wreath for my grandpa, I have mixed feelings about parting with my masterpiece. Although the wreath hardly made a dent in my cork collection, a part of me feels a sentimental connection with my corks! Crazy I know, but when you have travel around the world like I have, you aren’t sure the next time you’ll get a wine cork from a Cab Sav in France or an Ice Wine from Switzerland.

I plan on crafting tomorrow! My goal is to make the wine cork sphere, and a cork board for my room.

Check back soon for pictures and more updates!


Final Project

This blog was created for a class that I took this past semester at Miami University. However, sadly, the semester has come to an end and I am not really sure how well I will keep this blog updated in the coming months. For my final project of this semester, I created a wine magazine for students of Miami University.

The magazine discusses drinking wine in college, and other related topics. I’ve attached the project, and I hope that people check it out. I am thrilled with the final product. It was printed in a mini version, making the zine even more appealing to people my age.

wine uncorked.

Tour de Franzia

I‘m sure that most people have heard of beer drinking games, but have you ever heard of drinking games for wine? Well, la Tour de Franzia is a popular one!

Rules: Players divide into teams of at least 2 people. Each group is given a 5L box of Franzia. Each team should have different flavors, but it is not necessary. When the time starts, players are supposed to trade turns to finish the box of wine. The object is to be the first team to finish a box.

I have heard of several variations of this game. Some include people actually traveling to different locations and drinking, while others just require players to quickly drink the whole box.

Whichever game you decide to play, just caution and responsibility while playing. Because wine will be consumed in a short amount of time, it is important for the players to exercise control, and to know their limits while drinking.

If you know more drinking games involving wine, leave a comment and get the word out about them!

With the holiday season near, it is time to begin thinking about gift giving. Wine lovers always appreciate nifty gizmos that enhance the taste of their wine. Many wine gizmos range from inexpensive to expensive, depending on how much money you decide to spend on the lucky person.

1. Vinturi Wine Aerator – Lately, I have seen a lot of advertisements for the wine accelerator. This device decreases the amount of time a person has to wait for the wine to fully develop once it has been uncorked. With this, wine is poured through the device, and air is instantly brought to the wine, bringing out its full flavor. Many places sell the item, however, I have seen QVC endorse it a lot. On http://www.qvc.com the product is $33.12 and will be shipped directly to your home, or the recipients home. The price also includes a stand. Any wine connoisseur knows that the amount of air in wine is essential to the taste.

2. Rabbit Wine Opener – The latest, effortless, wine opener has taken America by storm. With this cork screw, no strength is needed. A bottle of wine is uncorked with two simple motions, a push of the handle down, and then pull up. It’s easy. These openers do range in price though. The price depends on the amount of accessories that come with the opener. Some include a cutter, for the wrapping, and sometimes even a stopper for those unfinished bottles of wine. Many retail stores sell these, including: TJ Maxx, World Market, Williams-Sonoma, QVC, almost anywhere. Before purchase be sure to investigate the features, and the warranty to guarantee the best price. Rabbit wine openers range from $30 – upward.

3. The Wine Deck – If there is someone on your list that is just beginning to love wine, this is the perfect gift. The Wine Deck is a deck of cards with descriptions of many wines, and flavors. This gives the beginning wine drinker an idea of what wines are best to pair with what foods. The cards also explain the differences between wines. This can be bought at http://www.wine.com for $13.99. A very inexpensive gift. No better way to get a young drinker exposed to wine than with this!

4. CLEF DU VIN – This tool helps enthusiasts who can’t wait for wine to age, speed the aging process. With this tool, wine ages 1 year for every second it touches the wine. Amazing. Supposedly it has been scientifically proven and tested…so you can be the judge. The price isn’t cheap though, regularly $105, now on sale for $85. Check out http://www.wineaccessory.com/clef.htm for more information, and to decide for yourself if you want to chance this, or give this as a gift to a friend.

Those are just a few options that I have seen recently available as wine accessories. During the holiday season, or for any gift giving occasion, giving a wine accessory is often very practical. Many people enjoy trying these weird inventions to see if they actually work! I’ll probably have more posts soon about other accessories that are currently popular.

My pick this year is the Wine Aerator. I think this will definitely help with the flavor of wine. I’m actually debating whether or not to buy one myself, but I have seen several promos about it, and it is quite tempting! Last year, I thought the rabbit wine openers were popular, however, I still think that many people are still just beginning to use them. The rabbit openers are wonderful, although I still love a traditional foldable cork screw. As with everything, it’s about preference.

Happy shopping!

Home Wine Cellars

Wine coolers are essential for storing wine. It is important to research the features before purchasing.

Anyone who has a wine collection needs the proper place to store their wine investments. A wine cellar ensures proper aging of wine. Since the first wine refridgerator’s were introduced, the features have evolved. Not only are wine coolers a focal point of many kitchens or bars, but they also are very functional.

To begin with, wine refrigerators are an essential item that every wine lover must own! A wine fridge would make the perfect gift because there are many different options, ranging in prices inexpensive to more expensive. Some models are small only chilling up to 4 bottles of wine, while others are larger and can hold hundreds. The thing to keep in mind when buying a wine fridge is: how much wine do I need to have chilled at one time? Many studies say to double this number because your collection will grow with time.

Other features within the fridge can include: an alarm/locking system, a glass or solid door, and shelving. A lot of people have wine collections that are expensive and rare, therefore it is essential for them to be locked. Having glass on the door can affect wine in two ways. The first, it does not cool the wine as well because it is not as insulated. The second is that light can often damage wine. Even though glass doors look nice to display a collection, it can often damage the wine due to light exposure. In regards to shelving, some wine coolers have shelves that slide to make it easier to read labels. Other, more inexpensive models have shelves that are fixed in place.

Before purchasing a wine refrigerator be sure and research all of the options available. If you are someone who does not necessarily care about the quality of the wine, then the amount of vibration the fridge has will not matter as much to you as someone who invests in wine. A lot of information is available on the Internet; check out http://www.foodandwine.com for more about the information I discussed.

A person cannot become a wine conneseour overnight. It takes years of practice and knowledge. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you stand out from all of the other wine drinkers.

Ensure that the wine is properly chilled. White wine should be chilled in the fridge for at least an hour before serving and red wine needs to be at room temperature. However, the red does not need to be too warm. In some cases, it is okay to chill it for a little bit.

After the wine has been properly prepared, it is time to drink the wine. First, uncork the wine, and sniff it. After the wine has been uncorked, pour a glass, and let it stand for a bit. The flavors meet to reach oxygen, and fully develop. The older the wine, the longer the time it needs to stand (in hours).

Right before you drinking the wine, take a breath. When you’re drinking you are not only tasting but smelling. The smell contributes to the taste. Finally, take a sip, and notice the flavors that you are enjoying!

Drink the rest of your wine.

With the downfall in the current economy, many people are looking for ways to save a couple of dollars. One way to do this is by buying wine by the case as apposed to individual bottles of wine. Often times, stores will sell wine that can be bought by the case for 20% off from the original mark up. By buying the whole case, you are able to stock up, and save money.

Many people are probably not interested in buying cases of wine because they do not want to purchase all of the same flavor or brand. Usually, stores will allow customers to mix and match varieties to create a case. The case will save you as the consumer money multiple times. You will even be saving on the amount of gas you put in your car because you will be making less trips to the store to buy wine! This situation is a win-win.

Wine is always good to have around when guests stop by. If you stock up on bottles by purchasing a case next time you are out, you will have plenty to entertain your unexpected friends with through the holiday season. Not having wine at an unexpected gathering is like not having the jello mold at a church function. It’s something that you just have to have!

So there you go, next time your out, continue the savings. Buy in balk, and you’ll have wine on hand for those hard days at work or when you just need to spontaneously entertain!